The Ocola Skipper butterfly is also known as the Long-winged Skipper. The Ocola Skipper is easily identified from the underside by two characteristics: (1) the forewing is much longer than the hindwing, being long, slender, and pointed, and (2) the body is striped. Very fresh individuals have a purplish iridescent sheen on the underside of the hindwing. The upperside of the wings is yellowish-brown. The outer one-third of the forewing has a bullet-shaped, yellowish-white spot in the medial portion of the wing along with a couple of other smaller spots.


Ocola Skipper” by Roy Cohutta, licensed under (CC BY-SA 2.0)


Ocola Skipper Facts

Butterfly Family: Skipper (Hesperiidae)

Butterfly Subfamily: Hesperiinae

Butterfly Wingspan: 1 3/8 – 1 11/16 inches

Butterfly Habitat: Low damp fields and pastures


Ocola Skipper Host and Nectar Plants

Host Plants:

  • Sugarcane Grass
  • Rice Cut Grass
  • Torpedo Grass

Nectar Plants:

  • Nectar from various flowers
    • Lantana
    • Shepherd’s Needle
    • Swamp Milkweed
    • Buttonbush
    • Pickerelweed
    • Aster
    • Mistflower
    • Ironweed
    • Sage
    • Joe-Pye Weed